Mental Health Wellbeing App

Sometimes we can all feel like things are getting on top of us. That’s why Riverside has partnered with Thrive to give you exclusive access to Thrive: Mental Wellbeing, a clinically effective app for the prevention, screening and management of anxiety, depression and stress.

Mental health app

  • The only NHS approved mental wellbeing app.
  • Tackles common stressors such as sleep, bereavements, work and study issues and more.
  • Screens for anxiety and depression using NHS approved assessments.
  • Live text chat service allowing you to speak to a wellbeing coach at the touch of a button.
  • Personalised data tracking within the progress section.

Get the Help you need.

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Over 100+ hours of content including a range of stress reducing sessions.
The ability to seek further support with the touch of a button.
CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) programme
A progress journal to help you keep track of your moods and stressors.

Thrive can be beneficial in many ways allowing you to do what works best for you. We recommend that you follow the CBT process and unlock sessions as you go.

Learn how to build resilience against stress, anxiety and depression at a time and place that suits you. If you’re in need of further support Thrive allows you to access this through the app.


Download the Thrive: Mental Wellbeing app from your Apple or Android app store.

Sign up using your email address, a password of your choice, and your access code supplied after booking your Riverside accommodation. Then follow the steps to confirm your account

Return back to the app, log in and enjoy!

Lost your code?

Contact our friendly site team and they will help you access the Riverside residents’ code.